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Tablet PCs Will Replace Textbooks

Tablet PCs Will Replace Textbooks

Kids tablet originally used to support learning activities and play in the kindergarten level has started to grow and replace textbooks. The same symptoms occur in middle school and high school. The students had to download textbooks with tablet PCs, and started using tablet PCs to replace textbooks.

Substitution of textbooks to the tablet is not only caused by the development of computer technology. But it is also driven by its many advantages, the students do not have to carry heavy bags - because it contains a lot of books. Tablets also preserve the environment, because it does not need to cut trees and vegetation to be processed into paper.

Parents also do not need to spend big to buy textbooks. Simply buy one tablet to be used to download a lot of different books, from textbooks to storybooks for children during the holidays. They also do not need to provide cabinets for storing textbooks. May only need to add external memory.

Research conducted by the Pew Research Center concluded that more than 40% of students and teachers using a kind of tablet devices in the classroom. The number is expected to rise. Tablet PC quickly developed into the needs of the students to replace textbooks.

Therefore, it is reasonable if Amplify, a company owned by Rupert Murdoch launched a tablet specifically designed for high school students. Android-based devices were offered 350USD price range and launched in the multi media conference South By Southwest in Austin, 12-17 March 2013.

Despite the presence of the tablet generate debate about the education of children in the future increasingly dependent on technology. Because every company wants to offer the software to their property that would lock into their system of education. While the results of research by the Pew Research Center concluded the difference between children who have access to smart phones and tablet computers that did not have it with the greater.

Similar differences also occur in the UK, but Essa Academy in Bolton took the radical decision by giving the iPad to all students and teachers. The reason, it is less expensive because it can reduce the cost of photocopies per year from 80,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds.

Regardless of the pros and cons, tablets are increasingly required to replace textbooks. This phenomenon actually started when Amazon launched the Kindle ebook reader, the device is sold for the purpose of download and read e-books from the largest online bookstore that.

When the tablet is still being debated as a replacement for textbooks, South Korea has carried out the process replacing it. Now most of the elementary schools, middle schools and high schools in South Korea are already using tablets. Ministry of Education and Information Service South Korea in 2015 targeting all students in the country are already using tablets.

In the country of origin of the Samsung Tablet is capable of destabilizing the iPad market, more than 80 percent of households have internet access. South Korea is also known as the country with the world's fastest internet access. After replacing all textbooks with tablet PC, they expect all students in South Korea will be connected to a computer network, to enable them to also learn from teachers in other countries.

Kurio Kids Tablet Review

Kurio Kids Tablet Review

Kurio Kids Tablet was launched almost a year ago, but still a favorite tablet for children. The attraction lies in the design of protective Kurio brightly colored with a few options. By using protection, the Kurio tablet will be safe if it falls to the floor or hit the wall.

Protector is designed serrated, in addition to easy to be grasped by kids also feel comfortable. If not needed, the protector can be removed and the tablet will look like a normal tablet. Protector with different colors to make kids freely choose the preferred color.

Kurio launched and sold in July 2012 in the UK with Android platform 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich. Parents can download the application needed by their children from Google Play Store. Kurio produced three sizes of 7 inches (800 x 480 pixels), 8 inches (800 x 600 pixels) and 9 inches (940 x 500 pixels)  with display capacitive touchscreen.

To protect kids from entering adult sites, Kurio Tablet has a safety system to manage web that is accessible and should not be accessed by kids. In addition, Kurio also has a feature to limit the time of tablet usage by kids.

Protective features could also be used to set the 8 user profiles, so that the tablet can only be used by multiple users who are reliable, so as not to adversely affect the kid as the primary user. In addition to the features to protect kids, Kurio kids tablet also features equivalent tablet for adults.

Kurio Kids Tablet equipped with a storage capacity of 4GB, if still less can be added by using the Micro SD slot that has been provided. To Kurio 8 inch and 9 inch also comes with a 2 megapixel main camera on the back, and there are 0.3 MP front camera. As for the 7 inch screen is only equipped with a 0.3 MP camera.

For connection, Kurio kids tablet supports HDMI and USB plugs. The capacity of the battery is claimed to last up to six hours. Kurio with a screen size of 7 inches priced at 233 USD, 280 USD for 8 inch and 311 USD for 9-inch.

How To Choose The Best Tablet For Kids

The growing tablet market has caused the market gap for kids. Now, the tablet for kids also is a dependable product by the manufacturer, because the kids also become a potential market. Tablets offer the opportunity for education and entertainment for kids.

Tablet is very quickly becoming the single most useful tool for the education of the new technology world. While it is easy to push the idea of buying a tablet for your kids, studies show that many kids respond well easily.

Before choosing the best tablet for kids, parents will consider the price of the tablet. Now parents do not need to be difficult, because each tablet is designed almost the same. They also have the same applications for educational and entertainment purposes. Price tablet for kids starting from $ 100 to $ 700.

The difference in price is usually based on the size of the internal memory and the connection is used, whether WiFi only or 3G, or both. Memory requirements can be added flexibly if the tablet is equipped with an external memory slot.

Choosing a tablet connection can be based on consideration of the Wi-Fi network at home, if the tablet is more often used in the home. Or the condition of the Wi-Fi in schools, if the tablet is more often used to support kids learning at school.

Ideally, the best connection is the WiFi + 3G, although the prices are a little more expensive tablets. Considerations for selecting the connection is determined by the tablet around the user's connection. A growing number of tablet users, the Wi-Fi connection will also be more knowledgeable and qualified ..

All tablet offers a similar design, also provides applications to educate kids and provide a lot of games. Compared to the price of the tablet, the kids get more education and entertainment that can help parents to improve kid's intelligence.

When a kid needs a computer to support learning activities in schools, tablets could replace PCs Desktop. The tablet is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard on the touch screen, if kid feel uncomfortable to use on-screen keyboard, the tablet can connect a normal keyboard as used by a desktop PC.

If parents still feel worried got a bad tablet. Choose tablet for kids from well-known brands. The price difference is not much and is still comparatively low, and the price of the tablet will be cheaper, because the tablet will be a tool to support learning activities and kid's playground.

How Parents Respond To The Kid Tablet?

How Parents Respond To The Kid Tablet?

Kid tablet is still a market that has a large enough opportunity. Because the rulers of the tablet market such as Apple, Google and Samsung did not concentrate to make a tablet designed specifically for kids. The market share of the company is the target of the electronic medium and lower. Even many new companies are launching a special tablet for kids.

Understandable, according to the characteristics of users, tablet for kid do not need the advanced features. Also do not have a large internal memory. Kid do not need a phone and a tablet for adult tasks difficult. Instead, tablets are designed for kids tend to like their toys.

The characteristics of the tablet for kid is a priority to security tablet, usually by adding a safety on the outer side of the tablet to protect the tablet from impact if dropped. Understandably, the kids can still cautious on their belongings.

Tablet for kid also poorly designed and in the make-up with bright colors and flashy. It has a simple way of operation with big buttons and limited. Also charge a safe way for kid, including the provision of charger is easy to use and durable.

Since the tablet will be part of the household, the kids will also use the tablet to fit their needs. Often parents feel worried, because comparing the kid to use the tablet as adults, parents imagine kid could go to a porn site.

It is a concern that excessive. Kid Tablet is equipped with Parental Controls, which serves to control the applications that can be chosen by the parents to use kid. The negative impact of tablets on kids up to age 10 are kids  tend to use the tablet as a means of online games.

Each kid tablet is equipped with various safety and carefully designed to provide benefits for kids. In the competition in the tablet market is getting warmer, a manufacturer of security will ignore excluded from the market. In principle, the harder the competition - consumers will increasingly benefit.

Tablet support kids to learn about technology and get more information at an early age. Parents just need to keep the kids divide their time in using the tablet. Because kids can also become addicted to the tablet, so ignore physical activity.

Parents should not be inclined to accept the tablet as a replacement for parenting, inner relationship between kids and their parents must be maintained. The impact of tablets in kids can be bad or good, depending on the attitude of the parents. Not caused by kids using a tablet or tablet.

Polaroid Also Launched Android Tablet For Kids

The market share of the tablet PC for kids begin to form when the tablet market is beginning to fill. As a user, kids begin to learn to recognize and use the tablet. If they already have early and get used to using a tablet with a particular brand, then when at the age of adolescence and adulthood, the brand will be "embedded" in their memory.

The kids were also early users of the tablet. Furthermore, they will also grow into adolescence and become part of the market for a tablet that is designed for teenagers. When mature, they will also be part of the tablet market.

Manufacturers are supposed to take advantage of this market intelligently, to instill fanatical about their products. Since the tablet will become a necessity of modern life. Children are ongoing tablet users, they will be a tablet user for a lifetime.

A company known through its instant camera, Polaroid, also enter the tablet market for kids by launching PTAB750. The tablet uses the Android platform 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, is designed with a 7-inch screen and has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

Like most tablet for kids, designed with sturdy PTAB750 and on each side is coated with rubber pads to protect from impact. The color is a combination of blue and white, is quite striking but not too tacky. Meanwhile, to protect kids, Polaroid PTAB750 comes with Parental Controls, which serves to control the applications that can be chosen by the parents to use kids.

Parents can select content from the application through the Free Play, so Polaroid PTAB750 will only display content and applications that are suitable for children. This feature makes PTAB750 can reach a pretty diverse age range of users. The tablet is equipped with over 35 full-version applications, some applications are MusicStudio, Draw, Kids Cam, and KidsVids.

Polaroid PTAB750 can meet kid's needs more, because it uses a Cortex A8 1 GHz processor and 512 MB RAM. Equipped with 2 MP rear camera and have an internal storage space of 8 GB of space, was added to the SD memory card expansion slot.

Android Tablet For Kids made Polaroid was sold at a price range of U.S. $ 149.99. Fairly inexpensive and innovative, this is evidenced by an award from the CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honore.

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