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Tablet PCs Will Replace Textbooks

Tablet PCs Will Replace Textbooks

Kids tablet originally used to support learning activities and play in the kindergarten level has started to grow and replace textbooks. The same symptoms occur in middle school and high school. The students had to download textbooks with tablet PCs, and started using tablet PCs to replace textbooks.

Substitution of textbooks to the tablet is not only caused by the development of computer technology. But it is also driven by its many advantages, the students do not have to carry heavy bags - because it contains a lot of books. Tablets also preserve the environment, because it does not need to cut trees and vegetation to be processed into paper.

Parents also do not need to spend big to buy textbooks. Simply buy one tablet to be used to download a lot of different books, from textbooks to storybooks for children during the holidays. They also do not need to provide cabinets for storing textbooks. May only need to add external memory.

Research conducted by the Pew Research Center concluded that more than 40% of students and teachers using a kind of tablet devices in the classroom. The number is expected to rise. Tablet PC quickly developed into the needs of the students to replace textbooks.

Therefore, it is reasonable if Amplify, a company owned by Rupert Murdoch launched a tablet specifically designed for high school students. Android-based devices were offered 350USD price range and launched in the multi media conference South By Southwest in Austin, 12-17 March 2013.

Despite the presence of the tablet generate debate about the education of children in the future increasingly dependent on technology. Because every company wants to offer the software to their property that would lock into their system of education. While the results of research by the Pew Research Center concluded the difference between children who have access to smart phones and tablet computers that did not have it with the greater.

Similar differences also occur in the UK, but Essa Academy in Bolton took the radical decision by giving the iPad to all students and teachers. The reason, it is less expensive because it can reduce the cost of photocopies per year from 80,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds.

Regardless of the pros and cons, tablets are increasingly required to replace textbooks. This phenomenon actually started when Amazon launched the Kindle ebook reader, the device is sold for the purpose of download and read e-books from the largest online bookstore that.

When the tablet is still being debated as a replacement for textbooks, South Korea has carried out the process replacing it. Now most of the elementary schools, middle schools and high schools in South Korea are already using tablets. Ministry of Education and Information Service South Korea in 2015 targeting all students in the country are already using tablets.

In the country of origin of the Samsung Tablet is capable of destabilizing the iPad market, more than 80 percent of households have internet access. South Korea is also known as the country with the world's fastest internet access. After replacing all textbooks with tablet PC, they expect all students in South Korea will be connected to a computer network, to enable them to also learn from teachers in other countries.

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